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It was on steep mountain trails that athletes Jean-Luc and Nico came up with the idea that would later become HOKA: to create a shoe that would allow quick descents to improve times in endurance races. A goal that ended up reinventing running shoes through a high-performance design that was as smooth as it was fast.
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    HOKA Shoes: The dream of every runner

    HOKA sneakers were developed to make running easier, more accessible and safer. The main goal of its founders was to get people moving and discover all the benefits, both physical and emotional, that running can provide. Thus, thanks to its developed technologies, HOKA shoes for walking designs such as the HOKA Clifton 7 or the HOKA Carbon X allow for maximum speed, both on steep slopes and downhill, with minimal impact so that the runner can concentrate solely on the run, without thinking about discomfort, pain or obstacles. The brand strongly believes that everyone is an athlete, and supports individual voices so that we can all run, walk, exercise and enjoy the outdoors. No matter what you choose to run, HOKA running shoes is specifically designed to propel you forward.

    HOKA shoes for women, get your favorite pair

    Aiming to empower athletes to achieve all their goals without any fear, problems or difficulties, this brand offers daring and unexpected solutions for all types of athletes with an open and innovative mindset. With enhanced cushioning and a meticulously designed midsole, HOKA Bondi 7, HOKA Clifton 7, HOKA Clifton 8 and HOKA Bondi 7 trail shoes provide a smooth and efficient ride that gives the wearer a unique feel. Don't hesitate any longer! Go ahead and discover the HOKA running shoes for women from the French brand.

    Find all models of HOKA Shoes for Men at SVD

    Finding the right footwear for any type of sport is an essential part of the process. The model we choose will accompany us in all our goals and achievements, and that is why it is so important to decide on an option that keeps us protected, safe and comfortable at all times. The best part of sport is being able to enjoy it worry-free, and silhouettes like the HOKA running shoes for men are the perfect ally: They feature maximum cushioning, improve breathability as well as comfort and support, and allow us to reach fast paces on the most uneven terrain.

    These training shoes that offer maximum stability when we're out running have been updated to reduce their weight and make them much more comfortable. In its fourth edition, this model presents an evolution based on silhouettes such as the HOKA Bondi 7 Mens or Carbon X. It features Profly technology in the midsole, which provides superior reactivity without sacrificing stability. This new version is also softer and has a higher rebound that comes from the harmonious blend of foams. These HOKA sneakers for men will allow for cushioned landings and propulsive take-offs – the perfect ally for our jogs!