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Dr. Martens USA

A working class symbol turned cultural icon. Dr. Martens boots and shoes, initially created as modest work footwear, appeal to those who have their own individual style, yet share a common spirit: authentic people who stand for something and possess a strong sense of self-expression. People who know how to stand out.
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Dr. Martens boots: Iconic and full of history

The origin of the brand we know today as Dr. Martens dates back to 1901, when the Griggs family started manufacturing work boots in Wollaston, England, becoming a footwear staple of the time. Simultaneously, in the 1940s, a young German doctor developed an air-cushioned sole to make walking more comfortable after breaking his foot in an accident.

The success of Dr. Martens' air-cushioned sole reached England and in 1959 the Griggs family bought the patent, changing the name to Dr. Martens and thus marking a whole era.

Over time, Martens went from being work boots to an emblem of the most non-conformist subcultures, and today the brand's shoes continue to appeal to all those who pride themselves on their individuality and groundbreaking style.

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There's a Doc for everyone! Doc. Martens sandals, platforms, shoes, loafers, Oxfords, low, high… and even the latest pairs from the Dr. Martens vegan collection! Discover the SVD selection and get the pair that best aligns with your style and personality.

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The year's new releases, reissues and the most anticipated Doc Martens collabs—like the Rick Owens x Doc Martens collab—are now available on the SVD online store! Take a look at our selection, choose the pair that catches your eye and boast an original rule-breaking style.

The Dr Martens boot that defies the rules: The Jadon

Outside of work environments, the 1460 boots already sported a non-conformist style, but their evolution went further. Produced from the 1990s onwards, the Dr. Martens Jadon feature a bold platform that adds height and attitude, ideal for those who love to defy the norms of fashion and society. And for the more rebellious spirits, there's the Dr. Martens Jadon Max, with an even more exaggerated platform. With them at your feet, you'll stand out like never before.

Extra details for extra style: The Dr Martens Sinclair

The Dr. Martens Sinclair doesn't spare any details. These boots are the glam and rebellious fusion between the Dr. Martens Originals 1460 and the Dr. Martens Jadon, thanks to their platform, zipper closure with side eyelets and the classic stitched label on the heel. You can't miss these original Dr. Martens platform boots!

Dr Martens Originals: The collection of the models that made history

The Dr. Martens Originals line includes all those shoes that have become cultural icons. Designed to stand the test of time and changing trends, the Originals continue to enchant different subcultures and generations, proving once again their rebellious and timeless character. All the latest Dr. Martens and Dr. Martens Originals models are available on our online store, get them now!

From work boots to a fashion classic: Dr Martens 1460

Dr. Martens 1460 boots were produced in 1960 as work boots. They were the first shoes in the then Griggs family to feature the unique air-cushioned insole, a technology that had been invented by Dr. Klaus Maertens. Several decades later, these 8-eyelet boots with yellow stitching are still part of the style of millions of people around the world, and their fame never seems to diminish. At SVD you can find both classic models and collaborations with the most relevant brands and designers of the moment.

The first shoes: Dr Martens 1461

A year after the creation of the 1460, Dr. Martens crafted its first shoe with Airwair technology, the 1461. Its sturdy and functional 3-eyelet design lends itself to both the most daring and the most elegant styles, once again proving its appeal.

The reimagining of a classic: The Dr Martens Chelsea boots, or 2976

In the 1970s, Dr. Martens had the idea of reimagining the classic Chelsea boots and the result was surprising. Loaded with personality and with the unmistakable Dr. Martens DNA, the Chelsea 2976 is rugged and easily paired with any outfit.

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