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At SVD we are specialists in high-end sneakers. Here you will find from the most classic models to the most sought-after limited edition sneakers. Our offer also includes re-editions of vintage models and the most outstanding sports silhouettes of the season.
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Sneakers: a must-have in any footwear collection

We know you like to be fashionable, and if it's with sneakers, even better. Whether you have a more casual or more sophisticated style, or whether you like the most exclusive models or prefer basic sneakers at a good price. At sivasdescalzo we offer a wide stock of sneakers for men and women, so you can find the ideal pair that best suits your lifestyle. The most discreet and casual men and women will love all the white, black, gray, or blue sneakers we have available, and for the most daring and modern we have pink, green, silver, purple and many more models. Everything you are looking for in casual and sporty shoes is here at SVD. We offer you high quality sneakers designed by expert brands in sports footwear. Don't miss out. Get to know the latest news in sneakers through our online store. In addition, we have physical stores in Spain located in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid where you can find out about the latest trends in fashion and footwear.

All the high top sneakers are at SVD

Having a comfortable pair of sneakers is essential to enjoy everyday life and all our projects without worrying about our feet hurting. Going on long walks, standing for hours, going to concerts, checking out the cities we travel to... there are many times when we need to make sure our feet are protected, and at SVD we have a great selection of men's high top sneakers that will allow you to choose your favorite pair for every season and occasion. We know that in order to find the perfect sneakers, we have to take into account various factors: the weather, our foot type, the use we make out of them... and of course, our style and what represents us the most and makes us feel good. For this reason, we are sure that here you will find what you are looking for, because we have only the best quality so that you can pick calmly and focus on finding the sneakers that best fit what you like most. If you want to get warm boots or sneakers that protect you from the rain and cold, don't forget to look at sivasdescalzo's winter shoes for men. If, on the other hand, you need sneakers to enjoy the summer, trips out, the beach and travels, our selection of summer sneakers for men will not leave you indifferent: you can find your favorite brands and decide on the pair you like most that fits your style, being sure to buy comfort, durability, and quality. And how can you forget those adventurous moments! If above all, you want to hike, run or practice all kinds of sports, we have a wide range of sports shoes for men so that you will not run out of your pair of sneakers or hiking shoes.

The casual sneakers: a cultural icon that changed footwear history

Sneakers play an important role in everything we do and say, from social classes, sporting interests, culture, taste in music, to the desire to walk without being weighed down by uncomfortable footwear. Since their debut several decades ago, casual sneakers have come a long way to be considered a cultural icon that changed the history of footwear forever. Their constant improvements, the innovative materials they are made of and the performance-enhancing sports technologies they include have made them one of the first choices when it comes to footwear.