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In the late '80s and early '90s, a brand emerged from the Southern California surf scene that entered the apparel world to redefine the look and ideology of urban fashion. It was Stüssy, a brand that grew organically out of youth movements and unthinkingly revolutionized the streetwear landscape.
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What's so special about Stüssy T-shirts?

In its beginnings, Stüssy started manufacturing T-shirts with the particular signature of Shawn Stussy, founder of the brand, to sell them to surfers along with the boards as a form of promotion; the surprise came soon after when he discovered that the sales of the T-shirts surpassed those of the surfboards. From there came the first steps of Stüssy in fashion and what is known today as one of the flagship garments of this brand, a favorite among skaters, DJs, rappers and fashion lovers alike. Discover the wide variety of Stüssy t-shirts we have available in the SVD online store. Our selection includes classic designs in sober colors, as well as the most daring proposals of the last season.

Why should you have a Stüssy Sweatshirt in your closet?

Whether embroidered, printed, in bold colors or neutral tones, hooded or hoodless, the Stüssy sweatshirt is one of the most iconic pieces of streetwear today. Its continuous updates and excellent durability make it one of the most worn garments of the moment. At SVD we have created an exclusive selection of Stüssy sweatshirts for both men and women. Our offering includes designs with modern cuts that allow you to move freely and made from heavyweight fabrics that offer a warm, soft and comfortable fit.

Shawn Stussy: the creative mind behind Stüssy

In the late 1960s, Shawn Stussy was a surfer who used to design and manufacture surfboards for himself, his friends and some locals in Laguna Beach, the famous California beach town. At a young age, he inadvertently fell into the fashion business thanks to his deep-rooted love of surfing. His last name, written in a freehand style and influenced by the graffiti of his uncle, artist Jan Stussy, became the company's logo. During the 1980s, Shawn developed the brand around the skate, hiphop and punk scene, three urban trends that were gaining momentum at the time and allowed young people to express themselves freely outside the mainstream. Such was the success that Stüssy positioned itself as a benchmark of urban fashion and managed to be present in New York and California in small showrooms where Shawn showed his designs to stores he respected and admired. In the mid-90s, he sold his shares, handed over the management of Stüssy Inc to his partner Frank Sinatra (whose family has nothing to do with the famous actor and singer of the same name) and became an external consultant, leaving the brand positioned globally as one of the great references of streetwear and urban culture. Discover the latest news from Stüssy in SVD's online store. We have different payment options and an express courier service for you to receive your order in record time.